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January 2008 Year 5 Publication 1

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Way to Travel, Part 1

Tony Bus: Will it survive?

First I saw a DC-NY bus on the freeway. That was Thanksgiving night. The bus was empty spare the driver and two passengers. The first thought in my mind was:

There are nice buses soon to be on the foreclosure block.

Then I saw them hanging around my local Metro Station, Foggy Bottom. Their buses were always near empty. I eventually got a flyer. This was a knock-off product of the reputable Eastern Travel. Apparently, the flyer was styled in the same format as Eastern as well.

I went on their website to check a schedule. Them having new buses, and the convenience of being so close to my home, I looked up a trip. Sold out, eh. How could that be? The buses always left Foggy Bottom near empty, and they left DC the same way. That must have been intentionally placed, in a bad place, because that was the trip I wanted.

Why Foggy Bottom, Why such a failure?

Tony must have headed straight for demographics. The target is the university students. But why GW? These students are among the richest, and show this off. Many would forsake this new, convenient bus for an Amtrak Acela or an airline or their nice car. But GW is a big school, and Tony should have been able to fill its buses if they had marketed correctly.

I plan to travel to New York on Tony, and find out about those apparently frequent stops. They are GW, Chinatown, Greenbelt (Actually leaving the parkway), Baltimore (Why don’t they have their own private coach yet to New York?), Penn Station, Under the Manhattan Bridge Terminal, and Manhattan Chinatown.

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Sunday, August 12, 2007


What do you call a two-lane road with yield-turns? In Canada that is what is called a freeway. Apparently, Canada has not been using its tax money right. In a nation with a skyrocketed 18% overall tax rate nothing has been done. Everything is still overpriced…”

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I took the Tony bus to New York on Christmas Eve. Apparently, the 7:45 am trip was sold out. A sales gimmick at a bad time. So therefore I had to so inconveniently get up at 5:30am to make the 6:45am bus. I bought a one-way ticket, because I did not know how I would like the ride. I got on the bus with my duffel bag and saw overfilling bags of rubbish hanging on the seat handle.

Departing on time from Foggy Bottom I was one of five passengers. Arriving in the dark at Chinatown, twenty more passengers boarded the bus…over the period of 45 minutes. The connection van from Annandale arrived on time, but the sun came out and countless numbers of rush-hour buses passed us as the driver did whatever, waiting for passengers to come. So the bus eventually left, a whole 30 minutes late. Then about 20 minutes later, we stopped again, to pick up two passengers from a strip mall in Greenbelt. Minutes later we were going at highway speed again, only to stop about 20 minutes later at the Baltimore Travel Center, to pick up two more passengers. There were 7:30am buses that were pulling in. Yikes. Then there was rest stop that one should put in for passenger comfort, if running on time. So I met my mother at about 11am, about an hour later than I should have been. ‘What happened.”

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